The key incentive for businesses to hire VA is to make their professional duties more manageable. However, with the rise in market demand for these services, they can do more than just run errands.

Business owners can make their workplace more efficient by importing the right skills into the workplace. But quite often, the need for these talents goes unnoticed until a little later.

4 Beneficial Skills Found in VAs

It may seem obvious to look for skills that relate to the job description. But there are talents that will help your virtual assistant achieve greater overall productivity and efficiency. Here are a few.

Social Media Management

Social media management is one of the most important skills that a virtual assistant can have. It’s a great way for you to stay connected with your audience, build your brand and find new customers.

They can handle outreach and provide an interface between you and potential customers. Plus, it keeps your social profiles active, which is great for staying in business as well as local SEO.

Transcription Capabilities

Transcribing is one of the most popular virtual assistant jobs because almost everyone needs it done. VAs with this skill can listen carefully and type what they hear, so they can transcribe interviews or conference calls. Look for talents that have experience and the right tools and can promise reliable, quick, and accurate results.

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Research Savvy

Research provides businesses with valuable information regarding audiences, competitors, and marketing opportunities. This might include looking through websites or social media, finding specific leads, or doing interviews.

Hire a virtual assistant that thrives in this field. The better their research skills are, the more time they’ll save you and the better quality of work they’ll provide.

Organizational Skills

Anyone responsible for helping you manage your business shouldn’t just take orders on what to do. VAs have to be organized and able to multitask. They must work under pressure, stay focused, and meet deadlines. You want someone who can do this with ease, so make sure you choose a VA who has these qualities.

Hire Wisely

Virtual assistants, much like in-person assistants, are highly effective when you pick the right one for you. A diverse range of skills is what makes a valuable candidate. Instead of hiring a VA that’s just an expert at one thing, you’ll have someone who’ll effectively handle multiple tasks.

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